Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dresses, dresses, dresses...

I had forgotten why I stopped doing alterations on dresses, it's a pain. I would prefer to sew from scratch then to undo and do over. I finished two of the three dresses I agreed to alter. Organza over satin, not doing this again not if I can help it. These are dresses that Lisa and her friends asked me to hem and alter. Lisa is the maid of honor in her friend Sierra's wedding next month. I saved the one with the most alterations till last so that I could take my time. I am hoping to be done by tomorrow so I have a day just in case it takes longer. The bachelorette party is this weekend and the girls would like to have their dresses to pick up then. I would rather be scrapbooking than this...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

We are the champions, we are the champions...

Of the world, series that is. The Beavers won tonight taking the world series championship for the second time in a row against North Carolina University 9-3. This from a team that the critics said was a "real long shot" to win again. Oh, ye of little faith. Lisa invited Steve and I to go over to her house for a barbecue and to watch the game on their big screen TV. So while Buck did the barbecue Lisa, Natalie, Steve and I watched the game. It was an exciting game. GO BEAVS!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just One More....

The Beavers have won the first in a three series championship. It was a good game with the final score of 11-4. This is the first title series rematch since Arizona State and USC played in against each other in 1973. The hope is the Beavers will win tomorrow thus becoming back to back champions. The last time this feat was accomplished was in 1997 by LSU. GO BEAVS!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It will be a rematch...

The University of North Carolina beat Rice University this evening to make the College World Series Championship a rematch of last years teams. This should be a very interesting series but as a Beaver believer you know what I am looking forward to seeing. GO BEAVS!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The first championship game is on Saturday...

Yes, the Beavers are playing in the championship series this weekend. They return as the defending champions. They got the win tonight against UC Irvine 7-1. They will play either Rice or North Carolina (the team who lost the championship to the Beavers last year). Of course, we are happy campers in the Beaver state... Go BEAVS!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Beavers did it again...

Once again, the game was an edge of your seat kind of game. But they pulled it off and beat Arizona State 12-6. They will play the winner of tomorrow nights game (Arizona and UC Irvine) on Wednesday and that team must beat OSU twice if they are to advance to the championship game. Once again I think I will keep aspirin on the table when I listen to these guys play ball because it seems like you are always one play away from a heart attack. College baseball is so much more fun to watch or listen to than the majors. Here's to Wednesday...GO BEAVS!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day...

Yes it is the day that we remember our Dads. Here is a great big Happy Father's Day to two of the world's greatest Dad's, mine and my daughters. You have both been a great influence on my life as well as my girls. I know that I can speak for them when I say we love you a whole bunch!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Beavers win it 3-2!!!

They are in the winners bracket and will play Arizona State on Monday at 4PM. Yes, this game overshadowed todays events. It can't be helped as I am a Beaver fan. I spent the day with good friends scrapping, eating, sharing ideas and laughing. I also took a couple hours away from this to attend my niece's graduation barbecue. Of course there was strawberry shortcake (yum). Katy will be graduating tomorrow from OSU with a degree in chemistry. She is already committed to getting her masters so this is not the end of school for her. Both Lisa and I unfortunately due to our allergies couldn't stay outside long. When I drove back from town to pick up Steve I noticed a cloud over all the grass fields I passed, yep pollen and loads of it. It was unbelievable how fast I went from feeling fine to miserable. It took almost two hours for my the allergy medicine to take effect. So no opening the windows for a few days till this pollination business stops.

Friday, June 15, 2007

N9996D is in the air...

Steve has been stressing out lately from work and the commute to work. His plane has been grounded due to annual maintenance and it had been driving him crazy that he couldn't fly. Well it was mostly back together last night. He had a couple of things to do this morning and then he and his mechanic (Bird) took it out for it's test flight. Everything is working and he is a happy camper. If weather permits tomorrow he will be flying to Bend for an "Angel flight" gathering. Then back home in the afternoon for Katy's party. Now if the stress from work would work like this we will all be happy campers.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's so confusing...

Well I believe the cold business is gone but I still have the runny nose, occasional watery eyes and plugged head. So this is definitely my allergies. I am going to have to call the doctor for some meds for relief. I had put off finishing my scrapbook room so I could finish hemming some bridesmaids dresses and I have only managed to finish one and start the second. When I take over the counter allergy medication I get so spacey that I lose interest in just about everything. I need to get past this so I can get these dresses moved to Lisa's house. Sarah has a real cute post about our friends the Henrys on her blog. Though they are a little older than Sarah and Nate they are a great influence on the youngsters. Thank you, Janet and Rob!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007


This is something probably known to only family and a few close friends but I am a baseball fan. Okay, a Beaver fan too. As there are two alumni (Steve and Lisa) and soon to be a third, my niece Katy in the family. The media was reporting it would be a long shot for the Beavers to return to Omaha. Yes, they lost I believe seven players to graduation and the baseball draft, but that is why they are a Cinderella team. Counting them out is the easy call but obviously not the right one. Sorry the picture isn't that great. It is actually a scan of the t-shirt Lisa wore when the football team played in the Tostito Bowl a few years back. So I may be a babbling baseball fan for the next couple of weeks provided our "Oregon State boys" keep on winning. Game one is Saturday against Cal State Fullerton, we wish them well. GO BEAVS!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Apparently not allergies...

I was sure all this plugged head and runny nose was my allergies. But I have been running a fever and now my head is plugged up. No amount of decongestant is working and I feel like the dickens. I have to get better; this coming Saturday is the day my lady friends and I are scheduled to crop. Looks like we will have a big crowd this time too, can hardly wait. Though I will have to leave for a bit to go to my niece Katy's graduation party. She will be getting her BS in chemistry from Oregon State University on Sunday.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Scraproom update...

It has taken quite a bit of time but I am so pleased with my work so far. I didn't think, silly me, to take the before pictures of the room but I still have some to go. I didn't want to show you the ones I do have yet as I would like you to see the before and after together. While my friend and neighbor Mary is doing the same with her room it never occurred to us to take the pictures. I guess it is because we were in such an overwhelmed state it was the last thing on our minds. I tried taking some of the pictures using my new found skills with my camera but I waited too late. The sun is on the west side of the house now and all I have is the light that comes in through the window and it isn't enough. The room is two colors of blue (Sarah's choice as it was her room) and my pictures all had a blue hue to them. I had to doctor them up with software, changing them to black and white, to make them look decent. So I took some more using the flash so you could see more detail. Absolutely love the rail system by Becky Higgins and Lisa Bearnson. My dear hubby put them up last weekend and now I have my silk flowers in reach instead of buried in a drawer. I made a cover for my cardstock rack so that the light does not fade the paper but I have to make a couple of adjustments to it before I put it up. The cube system I used is available at Craft Warehouse and Target. Two different companies, Simply Built at Craft Warehouse and JetMaxx at Target. Both of these product lines are similiarly made but have a couple of different items offered in their own lines and they can be found in the scrapbook aisles. **** I realized after having posted this that I made a mistake. The two cubes, on wheels, to the far right in the last picture are by a different manufacturer and I purchased those from Scrap Happens here in town. They are made to hold the 4" satchel cases that you can also purchase at the store. These can also be found in some scrapbook and sewing catalogs. You might notice I didn't use the top cube for the satchels, instead I put Karen Foster boxes in the cube.****

Monday, June 4, 2007

The twelve days of Sarah...

This idea actually came from Steve though not his originally. All of us girls like the birthday (twelve days) celebration but we noticed none of the guys thought it was such a great idea, such party poopers. Sarah did scale down her celebrating to just the weekend. She even called me on Friday to ask why I had sent her flowers for her birthday. Both of us were surprised, since I didn't and she realized it was her "work" Mom. We laughed about it and then we both agreed I was a little slow on the draw as I could have taken credit! We had a family birthday party on Sunday as it was a day we could all be together. While Nate barbecued the chicken Sarah and Steve went to pick our first strawberries of the season. Sarah's request for strawberries and shortcake for her birthday was a big hit for all. We had to borrow Norma's Traeger grill because we don't have one of our own as Steve isn't crazy about barbecue. And though Nate thought barbecuing at another man's house was bad mojo everything turned out fine. We had lots of laughs though we never got around to playing any board games it was still lots of fun. Norma didn't stay for shortcake as she had to get home and feed her horses. The last to leave for the evening was Lisa and Buck. Darn we live in the same town as our children and we hardly see them due to all of our crazy schedules so it is really nice when we do get together.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sarah is twenty!!

Twenty years ago today at 1:15AM my dear sweet Sarah was born. The time has gone by so fast that I have a hard time believing that she is twenty and Lisa will be 29 next month. There are times when I wish they were both toddlers again. When they loved wearing dresses and posing for pictures. Sarah still loves to ham it up for the camera as is evident by her blog but Lisa still is my reluctant one.