Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who knew...and didn't tell me?

All things related to this new 'old' house have been fun and frustrating at the same time. But I guess that is to be expected. The air conditioner began to have issues a week ago Sunday so I had to call someone out to look at it. Three hundred dollars later it was fixed. Not that it wasn't working but it kept running even with the thing set in the off position. So everything got a tune-up while the guy was here and now it I don't have to worry about that till next year.

I have a problem with spiders here, too. Not that I didn't at the old place but there seem to be thousands of the darn things. Sarah said the other day that my neighbors probably think she is a bit crazy. Because every time she drops Cash off as she approaches the front door she does a bunch of 'ninja' moves to clear the spiders. Since I rarely go in or out through the front door I didn't know about this phenomenon. My friend Camille confirmed it yesterday. It seems the tree in my front yard is like a home to the damn things. Just great.

My automatic yard watering system doesn't work and I need to replace it. There were no manuals left so that I could figure it out either. So I will be off to Home Depot sometime this week to get a new one. Home ownership is so much fun...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

So different...

After living in the country for over twenty plus years I had forgotten what a difference there was living in the city. Moving out to the country you lose lighted streets, paved driveways, peace and quiet. Yes, I said peace and quiet. Because in the late fall, spring and summer the noise of farm equipment is ever present. And if you live close to the road it is also really dusty.

Yes, city folk who move out to the country for peace and quiet don't usually get it. But they do expect it and tend to be quite vocal when it doesn't happen. The country folk get a big kick out of those neighbors expectations. Not much in the way of excitement really happens out in the country other than the occasional car accident or police chase that occurs in the middle of the night. 

But move to the city and you see all kinds of things. As I type this I can see my neighbor painting this very odd looking fountain she has in her yard. It is a giant palm tree with a small catch basin at it's base. Truly not a collectors item...