Saturday, March 16, 2013

My newest grandbabies...

They made their debut on the 9th of the month. They were roughly three weeks early and a bit tiny. Brayden Michael arrived at 3:32PM weighing 5lbs. 9oz and 18 1/2" long. Chayton Skye arrived a minute later weighing 4lbs. 7oz and 17 1/4" long. 

Lisa actually worked that day. She was with Buck at a scheduled ultrasound when they were informed that their babies were being delivered that day. The boys stayed in the NICU till the day before they were released. Being preemies they had a little trouble learning to latch on for feeding. They were never in an incubator as they were breathing on their own and maintaining their body temps. But occasionally they would forget to breathe and an alarm would go off.

They are so tiny in comparison to Sarah's boys. Even now Everett is small but looks and feels really big when I hold him and then either of the twins. I wish Steve were here to see how wonderful his family has turned out.