Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things I now miss during this time of the year...

Of course besides the blatantly obvious, Steven, are the things I had gotten used to living in the country. The smell of the earth after the first rain, seeing the sun rises from my kitchen window and the visits from my sweet nieces Evangeline and Estelle. The sounds of the owls at night coming from the woods, the farm equipment passing in front of the house and the sounds of children laughing while playing on the hay fort next door. Then there is also the sounds of screams coming from the haunted maze the last couple of nights before Halloween. Yes, I would bundle up and stand in my driveway to hear the sounds. They were strangely comforting when I knew that my kids were out there helping to 'scare' those silly people who thought it was fun to traipse around in the dark of night in the maze.

It saddens me to know that Steve is missing out on this time of year. He loved operating the trebuchet. Watching the kids and adults alike holler and laugh at the launching of the pumpkins into the sky. I know he would have loved watching Cash enjoy the hay fort and maze. I am sure he is looking down at us and enjoying it all...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New house...old house

Thank goodness for my little girl. She has come to the rescue on clearing out the attic spaces on the old house. Very little from the attic will get moved to the new house because most of the things belong to girls and they are deciding what to do with all that stuff. It is amazing what you find in those spaces. A good much of it is what Sarah calls "what were you/Dad thinking?" and to which I have to agree. Yep, makes you realize that living simply is so much smarter.

We have the basement and the spare room off the garage left to do. Then it is trips to Goodwill and the dump. Really need to do this so I can sell the old place. My goal this week is to tag all the stuff I want to keep and place in a pile the things to be donated so that when it is time to go to the dump there will be no questions as to what goes because it all will. My dear brother-in-law Michael has offered to move any last stuff to the house and make the trip to the dump for me. He has been the greatest through all of this.

I am looking forward to the day when I don't have to do anymore things at the old place because it just makes me sad to walk in to the house. I keep praying that it will all be over soon and I can truly move on.