Friday, October 19, 2012

Great news...

Sarah and Nate have bought a home!!! It is just a few blocks (1.1 miles according to Nate) from me. Could be the kids will be walking to visit grandma come next spring and summer.

The weather has turned to fall, finally. It came a lot later this year. There was little to no ease into it either. One day it was warm, sunny and now it is cool, dark and wet. I have discovered I am not that crazy about this change. The earlier sunsets have made the depression I suffer from really hard to deal with so I might have to look at getting a light box.

Haven't posted pictures in the longest time. I will have to fix that with my next blog post, I promise.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More grandbabies...

On Saturday my oldest girl Lisa announced to the world on Facebook that she was expecting and it's twins!!! Yes, my little family is growing by leaps and bounds. My house already seems too small for the size my family is now. I don't have any of the usual baby trappings up yet since Everett is still too small but that time is growing short. Looks to be a crazy and fun holiday season this year.